Too many words, not enough years

Twitter PicI first proposed this exercise on Facebook more than five years ago. It was so interesting then, I thought why not do it again? (Besides, with all our 140 character tweets the last three or four years, we’re getting better and better at “concise,” right?)

Here’s the deal: Summarize your life–but you can only use as many words as you’ve had years.* Meaning, if you’re 27, you get 27 words–no more, no less (do you like how quickly I did that advanced math?) Your words can be whole sentences or random phrases. You can choose all verbs or 100% nouns. Use whatever creative combination you want. But you only get one word for each and every year of your life.

I’m 55, so here’s my life in EXACTLY 55 words:

From North Louisiana to the Northshore

Real-life “Stand by Me”

Aisle walker

Death comes home

Ambushed at Atakapa

Heartbreak and “the hot seat”

Tulip Street

Learning Hebrew in Texas

Cindi from Indy!

Honeymoon in Hotlanta

Going back to college

Parenting “salad years”

“Author, author!”

Dark decade of the soul


Out of gas

New chapter?!

I’d love to see a summary of your life!

*If it strikes you as unfair that older folks get more words, well, hey–we’ve lived longer and (at least theoretically) have more to summarize, right?



  1. DT

    Challenge accepted – Here’s 31
    New Orleans raised
    curved spine
    anxious teen
    culture shock
    bulldog fever
    found my twins
    second families
    Larsen love
    hurricane katrina
    coffee master
    two cajuns and a redneck
    fun thirties

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