Easy to say…hard to do

Digging through a box of memorabilia, I found a fierce declaration I wrote out by hand when I was just a freshman at Slidell High, not quite 14 years-old.

I share it (see below) because it’s illustrative of so many truths: the mysteries of the opposite sex, the humiliation and indignation of young love (and also perhaps why schools should consider bringing back “penmanship” as a subject).

Mostly, though, my manifesto captures the difficulty of keeping big commitments. Notice how forceful AND flexible my vows were–“I am never going to like another girl…I am going to be a bachelormaybe….trial basis…I will test it for a week.” Heck, I flip-flopped more times in seven or eight sentences than most politicians do in a lifetime!

Two explanatory notes: (1) I have blotted out the names of the two young ladies who triggered my rant. (2) “Craig Robinson” was my close friend and classmate, and I was in awe of him. A 9th grade version of Indiana Jones, Craig was cool and fearless and strong. He remained unaffected (at least outwardly) by most of the stuff that bothered the rest of us boys.

Girl Rant

Almost 42 years later, here’s something I’ve learned: It isn’t just high school boys who struggle to keep grandiose promises.


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