A new chapter

Many of my friends have already heard our news. But if you missed it in the whir of summer vacation or the hype of the World Cup, here it is:

In recent months I have sensed an undeniable “Divine Nudging” to step away from vocational church ministry. In mid-June this gut feeling morphed into heart certainty. So last week I communicated my decision to leave the pastoral staff of The Bridge. “Final day of work” and other such details are yet to be determined.

How Cindi & I arrived at this decision, after almost 25 years of ministry in Ruston (see photo below of our move in 1990) is a long story….I won’t tell it today (maybe another time in another blog post or two?).


For what it’s worth, I do not have another job lined up. Heck, I don’t even have a 90-day plan. For now all I’ve got is a conviction I need to “wait on God” and “walk by faith” (phrases that are SO easy to preach and SO tough to live out). I am trying to remain open to “whatever” (a word/mindset that is simultaneously exhilarating and unnerving). If you are “the praying type,” I gladly welcome any pleas heavenward on our behalf…for clarity and courage.

Our hope is to stay in Ruston and continue to be part of The Bridge (primarily because ours is an amazing community of faith).

We’ll see. God only knows what’s ahead. In coming months, I might be the barista making your latte at Starbucks, or maybe, to paraphrase Billy Joel, I’ll be “a real estate novelist who actually has time for his wife.”

I know this: What we’re doing is nuts…UNLESS there is a God who, indeed, loves and guides His children.

That UNLESS is the basket into which I’m putting all my eggs.



  1. Bret Hinkie

    We’re hiring pilots at a United 😉 …. Excited to hear what God has in store for you guys…

  2. inrmike

    Are you kidding? I see a future in this right here. Heck, Kim K gets millions just for saying when she’s going to CVS buy gum. Keep writing, more people follow, they click links to ads on your page and voila, you and Cindi buy groceries!

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