Have yourself a (disillusioned?) little Christmas

It’s often said the Christmas season is a time of great disillusionment. I’ve been thinking about that, and here’s what I’ve concluded:

Disillusionment is a blessing, not a curse. It’s something we need…something we’d even be wise to add to our “wish lists” this Christmas.

The word disillusioned means, literally, “to be without illusions.” What’s an illusion? “Something that deceives or misleads.” The word comes from a Latin term that means “to mock.” (Picture a slick Vegas magician smirking at his befuddled audience as if to say “the joke’s on you” and you get the idea.)

So an illusion is any idea that isn’t true–any beguiling belief that tricks and then cruelly mocks us. And to be dis-illusioned is to be set free from all such false, misleading notions. Which is a really good thing, right?

Maybe we can be blessed with some healthy disillusionment this December? Maybe we can be liberated from the crazy ideas that we need more stuff, or that stuff can bring us joy, or that our lives are going to change for the better because of stuff someone found for us at the mall or on the Internet? 

What are some other specific ways we could stand to be “disillusioned” during this Christmas season?


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